Hotel Info

Hotel Info

Note: BIOPROSP_17 was a huge success, and is now over. Feel free to browse the website for information from the past. See you at BIOPROSP_19!


Note: If you are planning to get a hotel room during your stay in Tromsø, we encourage you to reserve one early! Tromsø is a popular tourist destination, and hotels CAN and DO sell out. You can book your room through our registration system or on your own. 

While most hotels in Tromsø are located in the city center, the BIOPROSP Conference will be held this year at UiT - The Arctic University of Norway, which is located a short distance outside of the center. BIOPROSP will arrange a complimentary private bus from the center to and from the university on conference days specifically for conference participants. There is one hotel within walking distance of the university, but you may find it more convenient to have your home base in the city center as all restaurants, entertainment, and conference-associated social activities will stem from there. 

BIOPROSP has reserved a number of rooms at certain hotels in Tromsø. These are listed below. You can use the conference registration form to indicate your need for a hotel room at one of these locations and we will arrange your reservation. If you have already filled out your registration form and would still like to reserve a hotel room, just email Torill at Tromsø Event and she will be happy to assist. If you prefer, you can arrange your own reservation at a different hotel.

Please note that hotel room costs are not included in your registration fee and are payable by you at your hotel's front desk upon checkout.