Getting There

Getting There

Note: BIOPROSP_17 was a huge success, and is now over. Feel free to browse the website for information from the past. See you at BIOPROSP_19!

Getting to the University - BIOPROSP Busses

BIOPROSP has arranged for transportation to and from the university every day of the conference. The bus will pick participants up at the roundabout between the Scandic Ishavshotel and the Radisson Blu, and deliver you directly to the main entrance of the conference. The roundabout is a five minute walk from most hotels in the center. The busses are also arranged to pick you up after the conference day and deliver you to town.  See the map below for the location.

Getting to the University - Public Busses

If you plan to arrive at a different time and need take the bus from town, you can take bus 20, 21, or 34. All of these run frequently and go directly to the university, taking about 15-20 minutes. There are two university bus stops: UiT/Planetariet and UiT. Get off at the second stop, called UiT. If you are unsure where to get off, just ask your bus driver to alert you at the stop. The bus drivers are used to tourists and this is done often. As the bus is driving through campus to the bus stop, you can look for the BIOPROSP beach flags which will be in front of the HSL building on your left. The bus stop is just a short way past the building. You can take the same busses from the university to town. The most central stop in town is called Wito, but you can really get off anywhere.

At the University - The Buildings

The conference will be held within two connected buildings: The HSL building (stands for Humanities, Social Sciences, & Education, building 5 on the map below) and Teorifagbygget 1 (translates to the Theoretical Subjects Building, also called TEO 1, building 32 on the map below). The main entrance is in the HSL building. The campus is small, so there is one main road that runs by the university - the entrance to the HSL building is right on this main road, and will be marked with BIOPROSP beach flags. Once you enter the building, there will be signs hanging from the ceiling showing you the way to TEO 1 where you will find the main auditorium. If you arrive on Wednesday, you will find registration right inside the main entrance of the HSL building. Everything is very close, and easy to find. The map below is a little old, but all of the relevant buildings are the same.

Getting to the Welcome Party at Rådhuset/City Hall

Rådhuset is in Tromsø center, so if you are staying in a hotel in the center, it will be within walking distance. It is located on the street called Grønnegata, which is one street to the west from the main street Storgata. It is located in the same building as the Aurora Fokus Kino (which is the movie theater). You will recognize it because it is a big, beautiful glass building. The Welcome Party begins at 19.30. 

Getting to the Conference Banquet at Scandic Ishavshotel

If you've taken the BIOPROSP busses to and from the center every day, finding the banquet will be very easy for you. It is in the Scandic Ishavshotel, which is where the busses have been picking you up. The conference banquet begins at 19.30.