P48 The Biotechnology Centre of Oslo, UiO

P48 The Biotechnology Centre of Oslo, UiO

Arnaud David, Anne Jorunn Stokka, Elisa Bjørgo, David McClymont, Kjetil Taskén

p48 The Biotechnology Centre of Oslo, UiO

The ESFRI-project EU-OPENSCREEN, currently consisting of 21 partners from 14 countries, is preparing the implementation of a pan-Euro- pean infrastructure that supports the develop- ment of novel chemical research tools for the Life Sciences community by providing trans- national open-access to the most advanced technologies, chemical and biological resourc- es and expertise. 
EU-OPENSCREEN will offer all services neces- sary for the development of chemical research tools for Life Sciences, including the building of a unique European compounds library, the discovery of bioactive substances by high-throughput screening of this library, chem- ical hit optimization and broad bio-profiling.
EU-OPENSCREEN will operate as a distrib- uted network of service sites offering a wide range of expertise. NOR-OPENSCREEN, one of the 20 specialized screening sites, is the Norwegian partner in EU-OPENSCREEN. NOR-OPENSCREEN can provide a 17000+1200 compounds library to users from academia and SMEs, and will have access to the future EU-OPENSCREEN library. NOR-OPENSCREEN is coordinated by the Chemical Biology Plat- form (Biotechnology Centre of Oslo, BiO) and includes complementing units in Bergen (UiB), Trondheim (SINTEF, Materials and Chemistry) and Tromsø (Marbio).