P15 Exploring the Potential of Two Arctic Marine Bacteria for the Production of Bioactive Metabolites

P15 Exploring the Potential of Two Arctic Marine Bacteria for the Production of Bioactive Metabolites

Marte Jenssen1, Venke Kristoffersen1, Kine Ø. Hansen1, Marte Albrigtsen1, Espen Hansen1 and Jeanette H. Andersen1

1Norwegian College Of Fishery Science , Uit - The Arctic University Of Norway, Tromsø, NOR

The aim of the study was to isolate bioactive compounds from marine bacteria that can be possible candidates for further investigation for drug development. Two marine bacteria, collected at the Barents Sea and the Norwegian Sea, were cultivated using various cultivation methods – changing the media composition, temperature and co-cultivation with other bacteria. Extracts were prepared by adding resin with affinity for non-polar compounds to the bacterial cultures before extraction with 100% methanol. The extracts were pre-fractionated using FLASH-chromatography. These fractions were screened for antibacterial activity against S.aureus, E.coli, Streptococcus gr.B, P.aeruginosa, E.faecalis. In addition, the fractions were tested for their ability to inhibit the biofilm formation of S.epidermidis. Antibacterial activity and biofilm inhibiting activity was found. The initial results show that alterations in cultivation conditions lead to differences in bioactivity. Further work to identify the active compound(s) is in progress. The results from the bioactivity screening will be presented.