P42 Enzymatic protein hydrolysis of mixed by-products

P42 Enzymatic protein hydrolysis of mixed by-products

Kenneth Kristoffersen1, Enno Fricke1, Nina Helle1, Silje Kristine Aas1, Sileshi Wubshet1, Nils Kristian Afseth1 and Diana Lindberg1

1Nofima AS, Ås, NOR

The world population is increasing, with a concomitant rise in food and feed demand. Nevertheless, considerable amounts of high-quality by-products is discarded every day. In this context, enzymatic protein hydrolysis can be used for sustainable recycling of animal-based byproducts for e.g. food and feed purposes.

In the enzyme protein hydrolysate industry, there are current limits considering the flexibility of using different raw materials in production of specified products. Trials on mixtures of raw materials is initiated to investigate the possibilities of further enabling more flexibility, whilst retaining the product quality parameters.

We will present how e.g. average size distribution and other qualitative parameters are affected based on use of different proteases and mixtures of raw materials.