P6 BioCHOS – antifungal chitosan oligomers

P6 BioCHOS – antifungal chitosan oligomers

Berit Bjugan Aam1 and Kristine Bistrup Eide1

1Biochos, Ås, NOR

Fungal infections on crops causes significant economic losses for farmers. Today, fungal infections are mainly controlled by synthetically produced chemical fungicides, which may lead to pollution of the environment and toxic residues in the food produced. The problem is, however, that plant pathogenic fungi develops resistance against those fungicides, making them less efficient. There is an urgent need for new and safe solutions.

BioCHOS´ has developed a chitosan-based active ingredient, which is able to control fungal growth on crops. Chitosan is made from chitin-rich by-products from the shellfish industry and is a non-toxic natural biopolymer that is easily degradable in nature. Antifungal oligomers are produced from chitosan by enzymatic hydrolysis.

Field trials confirms that our specific mixture of chitosan oligomers reduces fungal diseases on different crops. BioCHOS is currently developing plant protection products containing antifungal chitosan oligomers together with an industrial partner in Europe.