Industrial Biotech- nology in a chemical company – White Biotech at BASF

Wednesday February 20

Industrial Biotech- nology in a chemical company – White Biotech at BASF

Michael Breuer, BASF SE (Germany)

Industrial applicability of marine proteins and low molecular compounds “Industrial or White Biotechnology is a key technology to aug- ment the competencies of a modern chemical company in the 21st century. BASF has a long tradition of exploiting nature´s synthetic tool box to develop innovative and resource-con- serving solutions for its customers. BASF inves- tigates methods and processes for efficient and resource-conserving manufacture of chemical products in areas that include nutrition, agricul- ture, fine chemicals, and biopolymers. 

White Biotechnology gives access to products which cannot be produced competitively by conventional chemical methods and reactions. Thereby it not only offers the opportunity to develop completely new products, but also 
contributes towards sustainable production as it allows a number of products to be manu- factured with less consumption of energy and resources. 
Thanks to White Biotechnology, both new and existing products might be manufactured using renewable resources such as sugars and veg- etable oils. BASF has more than three decades of experience in the field of White Biotechnol- ogy with products such as vitamins, enzymes and chiral intermediates. 
This contribution tries to highlight some exam- ples of these biotechnological processes as well as potential future applications.

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