Access and benefit sharing of marine genetic resources

Wednesday March 8
Session 1: Evolving regulatory aspects of marine biodiversity

Access and benefit sharing of marine genetic resources

Thomas Vanagt, Founder & Director
eCoast, Belgium

Research by: Thomas Vanagt, Arianna Broggiato and Dominic Muyldermans

With the coming into force of the Nagoya Protocol in 2014, an additional legal instrument under the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD), the legal landscape surrounding the access to and utilization of genetic resources has changed.  The EU has adopted EU regulation 511/2014, which requires scientists to comply with the national legislations on the use of genetic resources of the countries of origin. This imposes significant new obligations on researchers utilizing genetic resources (including marine genetic resources) in their R&D.

The aim of this lecture is to inform scientists about the global access and benefit-sharing (ABS) framework set in place, the current status with regard to EU regulations and the expected implications these will have for researchers. Specific focus will be placed on the application of these ABS frameworks to marine genetic resources for which the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea also has relevance.