Parallel Session 3A: Business Arena - Company Spotlight

Thursday March 9

Parallel Session 3A: Business Arena - Company Spotlight

Chair: Ernst Kloosterman, Kloosterman BioConsult
Location: Aud II, Teorifagbygget (TEO-H1)

Note: BIOPROSP_17 was a huge success, and is now over. Feel free to browse the website for information from the past. See you at BIOPROSP_19!

Parallel Session 3A - Programme

Business Arena - Company Spotlight

Business arena - Company spotlight is a new session concept at BIOPROSP_17 where companies are invited to present the idea behind their business on-stage to stir up interest for research collaborations and commercial partners who may be sitting right there in the audience. All companies committed to 'unlocking the commercial potential of biomolecules from marine environments' are encouraged to apply, but only a few will be selected!

This is an unprecedented opportunity for participants from science and industry to learn about what YOUR company has to offer. Please keep in mind that all presentations should be scientific in nature. To be considered for a time slot, submit an abstract/company profile in 150 words or less and tell us how your company has contributed to the science of today and tomorrow!

Company Spotlight: 10-12 minute presentations


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