Note: BIOPROSP_17 was a huge success, and is now over. Feel free to browse the website for information from the past. See you at BIOPROSP_19!

Tourism in Tromsø        

If you plan to spend some extra days exploring the arctic wonderland of Tromsø either before or after the conference dates, you couldn't have chosen a better time! The temperatures in March are often mild with plenty of snow left to enjoy. After several weeks in 24 hour darkness, we are also back to full sunlight during the day. In these conditions you can enjoy:

•   Downhill skiing & cross country skiing
•   The famous aurora borealis (northern lights)
•   Snowmobiling
•   Dog & reindeer sledding
•   Fjord cruises
•   Rugged winter camping or cabin trip
•   Polar Park, an Arctic Wildlife Center (just a bus-ride away, visit with socialized wolves & arctic foxes)

Another activity not to be missed is the trip up Fjellheisen (literally translating to Mountain Elevator) to enjoy a meal and a beverage in the newly renovated cafe (2016) atop Storsteinen, a mountain towering high above Tromsø accessible only by cable car (or by foot for the very adventurous). There you can take in the unbelievable sight of the entire island of Tromsø and its pristine surrounding mountains.



Outdoor activities not really your cup of tea? No problem. In the Tromsø center you'll find art museums, culture museums, history museums, venues for live theater, current and classic films, bowling, and more. Don't miss Tromsø's well-known nightlife on the weekend - pubs that are bustling cafes during the day and cozy (or wild!) bars by night, usually offering live music or DJs on Fridays and Saturdays. Plus, it's the perfect opportunity to sample Tromsø's own Mack brand beer - from the world's northernmost brewery 

For more information, be sure to check out Visit Tromsø, the official tourism website of Tromsø.