Note: BIOPROSP_17 was a huge success, and is now over. Feel free to browse the website for information from the past. See you at BIOPROSP_19!

UiT - The Arctic University of Norway

BIOPROSP_17 will be held at the world's northernmost university, UiT - The Arctic University of Norway, established in 1968. The main campus of UiT is located north of the Arctic Circle in the beautiful city of Tromsø, Norway. It is one of eight universities in the country and is the largest research institution in northern Norway, boasting nearly 16,000 students and close to 3,500 employees. Like all Norwegian public institutions, there are no tuition fees at UiT. Its location makes the university a natural destination for those interested in Arctic-based topics, but research here is not limited to the Arctic. University researchers pursue a wide range of interests and are well-recognized both nationally and internationally. Particular focus is placed on biomarine studies, biomedicine and biotechnology studies, and health and welfare studies, including telemedicine and social medicine. 

UiT is located on the top of the island of Tromsø, providing a stunning view of the pristine surrounding mountains. It is a five-minute walk to the Pingvin Hotel at the internationally-recognized University Hospital of Northern Norway (UNN), and only a 5-10 minute bus ride from downtown. BIOPROSP will arrange complimentary transport via private bus specifically for conference participants between the university and the city center each day of the conference. 

If you need help finding the venue or information on how to get there, go here. 




Tromsø, Norway

About the same size as Manhattan, Tromsø serves as a modern research city, a multicultural community and a traditional gateway to the Arctic. The permanent secretariat for the Arctic Council was settled in Tromsø in 2012, leading to increased international attention and the establishment of a home base for Arctic opinion leaders. This small city hosts over three dozen businesses and R&D organizations in the field of marine biotechnology. Bioactive molecules and compounds from Arctic marine resources form the basis of activities for most of these enterprises with three areas of focus: marine bioprospecting, the use of raw materials, and exploration of novel marine resources. This has helped Tromsø to develop its reputation as the 'Capital of Blue Biotech.' Read more about Tromsø tourism and your stay here